Oscar De La Hoya, the boxing icon, has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman on two occasions. His former co-worker accused him of brutalizing her, causing “severe physical and emotional damage” that disturbs her even today. He has staunchly denied those allegations.

Oscar has been firm in denying these accusations. According to him, the woman is just upset about getting fired.

One of Oscar’s representatives told TMZ Sports, “Unfortunately, with the twenty-four-hour news cycle, we find ourselves today, more often than not, as the recipient of vindictive and unjust accusations that are interpreted and spread as truth — without any evidence to support erroneous claims.”

The allegations are, in fact, a part of a larger lawsuit filed by Casa Mexico Enterprises where Oscar is a business partner. Oscar De La Hoya’s accuser was sued by Casa Mexico before filing another case where she revealed the disturbing allegations.

According to Oscar’s accuser, she was on a work trip with Oscar and a few others at the company distillery in March 2020 in Mexico. While she was asleep, someone started banging on her door. When she opened the door, she allegedly saw Oscar standing with his pants open. She says Oscar then pushed her and got into her bed.

It is alleged that she managed to get Oscar out of her bed and back into his own room before she returned to her own room. However, she claims that the next morning she was given the responsibility to wake Oscar up and that is when things went wrong.

The accuser says she knocked on the door but there was no response. Once she went inside the room, Oscar allegedly pulled her into his bed and sexually assaulted her.

After the Mexico trip, the woman says she went to dinner with colleagues where Oscar was present. She says, Oscar “revealed and retrieved a sexual object from a stored collection in his house” and “forcibly inserted the sexual object into” the alleged victim’s body.

The victim did try to bring this to the Casa Mexico founder’s attention but her efforts went in vain since no actions were taken. Even after all these allegations, Oscar denies them all and has stated, “I am confident my legal team will resolve this matter and prove my innocence.”

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