Lizzo has become a household name owing to her success in the music industry. The public began arguing whether certain women in Rap were genuinely rappers as they quickly climbed the charts. Artists like Lizzo and Doja Cat continue to be the subject of debate about their delivery and mannerisms, with Wale recently taking to Twitter to defend Doja’s bars.

However, not everyone believes that women with similar abilities are deserving of the designation of rappers, as Lizzo recently discussed with Angie Martinez. “So, is Lizzo a rapper?” Angie asked during the conversation. The singer of “Truth Hurts” responded.

Yo, that question is crazy ’cause there’s this thing—I got f*cking annihilated on the internet, early days, when I was tweeting. I was like, yo, there’s a lotta racism in genre, you know what I mean? There’s a lot of rappers that are actually singers, but they call them rappers because of their aesthetic, you know what I’m saying? These rappers be singing they heart out but they got chains and they got the grill [so people call them rappers]. And they’re using melody to create music and I think it’s a beautiful thing. So, I was like, yo, I rap and I sing and I do the same, but I am as much of a rapper as Swae Lee or Future. And I got destroyed! They was like, ‘Shut up! No fat b-tches in the club!’ I was like, what did I do?!

Lizzo recently confirmed she’s still dating the masked mystery man she was photographed with on Valentine’s Day this year. Lizzo previously joked that she is pregnant with Chris Evans’ child as well. Many fans wondered if Chris Evans would reply to her joke and it seems it was quite effective.


Lizzo is, of course, referring to her viral statement that if Future and Swae are considered rap artists, then she should be as well. Despite the fact that Lizzo erased her message in the wake of the backlash, the conversation continued. Below is a clip from her interview with Angie Martinez.

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