Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Furness first met on the set of the Australian television series Correlli in 1995. They married the next year, and their son Oscar and daughter Ava joined their family. Deborra-Lee Furness recently addressed speculations regarding her husband Hugh Jackman’s sexuality.

Throughout their 26-year marriage, the Australian actress and her husband, Hugh Jackman, have faced their fair share of speculations, particularly about the X-Men star‘s sexuality. Furness said she is over the rumors and doesn’t give a damn about rumors regarding their relationship.

“It’s so silly,” she stated on the Not an Overnight Success podcast on April 17. “And it’s boring.” The pair has previously stepped out to clear the air, and Furness blames tabloids for perpetuating a false narrative about Jackman.

“How can people just make this up? It just amazes me that these magazines continue to get away with it,” she told host Gus Worland. “What they’re selling is schadenfreude. They are selling misery. People must be wanting to buy that other people are miserable because it makes them feel better about themselves.” Jackman would be out and proud if he were gay, according to Furness.


“If he was gay, he could be gay. He didn’t have to hide in the closet anymore,” she said, jokingly adding, “And he’d be dating Brad Pitt or whatever.” Furness said she and Jackman had “an incredible connection from the get-go,” in their decades-long relationship.

“It was magic,” she said of their first meeting, recalling how she thought it was “cliché” of her to fall for the 10-episode drama’s starring hero. “Four months after we started dating, he proposed.” Calling it a “no-brainer” to accept Jackman’s proposal, Furness added, “It was the first time ever I’d known what it was like to be in love.”

Hugh’s wife will always be by his side to support him, no matter what kind of theory fans wish to concoct. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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