A$AP Rocky was picked up by police at LAX after returning from a trip to Barbados and had the shock of his life. Rocky was enjoying some downtime in the country of his pregnant girlfriend Rihanna. It seems he will now be taken into custody.

Police later used a battering ram to get into his property. You can check that footage out here.

Just recently, A$AP Rocky was taken into custody for interrogation. It was then reported by RapTV that he remained completely silent throughout the interrogation. It seems that the rapper will now be booked into jail.

UPDATE: A$AP Rocky was taken for questioning but reportedly wouldn’t speak

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He will now be booked into jail.

Rocky was arrested by numerous agencies after stepping off the plane in Los Angeles in connection with a shooting that occurred late last year. Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, was arrested today, according to NBC News, in connection with a shooting that occurred in November of 2021. Alan Jackson, his lawyer, confirmed the arrest.

The shooting does not appear to have resulted in any fatalities or major injuries. Even yet, firing a firearm in the middle of LA is extremely unlawful. Since Rocky was shooting at and hitting someone, this creates an even bigger legal issue for him. On the subject, there are still a lot of unknowns. Time will tell what kind of repercussions he might face. Check out the tweet below.

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