The “Kardashians” launch seemed like a full-fledged movie premiere, with plenty of food, delicious beverages, and a sneak peek of the new season. During the premiere episode of The Kardashians recently, Tristan Thompson became an immediate meme. The NBA star has been caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian on several occasions.

It was also just discovered that he had a child with fitness model Maralee Nichols. However, when Khloe’s sister Kim summoned her over to show her something on an iPad, the latest scandal hadn’t yet surfaced, and the lothario appeared obviously worried.

Kim was taken aback when she spotted her six-year-old son Saint giggling at his tablet while playing the children’s game Roblox, only to see a photo of her crying face on the screen labelled ‘Kim’s new sex tape.’ ‘Khloe, come here…’ she said as she yelled over to her younger sister, ‘I feel like you’re the only one that would understand this. I’m not sure what this means.’

The camera then cut to Tristan, who had lifted his brows and appeared to be upset. Later in the episode, he was seen discussing his issues with Khloe, with whom he has four-year-old True, and expressing his wish to rekindle their romance and grow their family. Tristan was pregnant with his third baby mama, Maralee, at the time, but Khloe was unaware until a paternity suit surfaced later during filming.

Viewers wrote on Twitter during the scene: ‘Tristan’s face when Kim called Khloe to show her what’s on the iPad #Kardashians.’

Another wrote: ‘When Kim was showing Khloe the iPad with Saint’s game you could see Tristan 100% thought he got caught for the 88th time #TheKardashians.’

Others chimed in: ‘tristan’s soul left his body’; ‘When Kim said “Khloe look at this” with the iPad in hand Tristan definitely thought he was being exposed again #TheKardashians’; ‘Tristan looked legit scared #TheKardashians’; ‘Tristan thought he got busted…again’; ‘tristan is acc conditioned to stay in fight or flight mode #TheKardashians’; ‘Tristan is sooooo shady lol what a liar’.  

Khloe claimed on another episode that Tristan is ‘determined’ to restart their romance, but she has reservations because to his numerous cheating scandals. The problems started in 2018, when he was found cheating on Khloe only days before she gave birth to their first child. Khloe revealed the status of her relationship with Tristan, whom she has dated on and off since 2016, on The Kardashians. Check out the memes below.

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