Lil Durk previously cast his viral doppelganger in his upcoming music video “Blocklist.” He decided to follow that up as he brought his lookalike on the stage to perform in Miami, Florida on April 18th.

In a video, Lil Durk performed a cut from his album 7220 and then called his “Perkio” twin on stage to perform with him. The two of them were seen vibing together on stage and then Durk shouts out his twin’s name and asks the audience to make some noise.

Durk developed a relationship with his doppelganger when fans flooded a Broward County shopping mall after they thought they had seen Durk. In a 15-minute video of the debacle, YouTuber King Cid tried his best to convince the fans that they were hanging out with Durk whereas, in reality, they were just hanging out with his lookalike.

They even went to the extent of renting a Lamborghini, hired full security with fake paparazzi, and copied Durk’s tattoos. Fans obviously were so overwhelmed that they couldn’t spot a difference and posed for dozens of photos with the lookalike.

However, Lil Durk ended up co-signing his doppelganger. He also posted a TikTok this week of his lookalike and his girl doing their best Durk and India Royale impression.

Lil Durk’s album 7220 was released on March 11 and features Future, Gunna, Summer Walker, and Morgan Wallen.

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