Angelina Jolie might be the one who’s trying to sue the FBI over the Brad Pitt plane incident that involved their son and if it’s her, she has decided to do it as Jane Doe. This anonymous suit has certainly raised a lot of eyebrows.

According to a new report by Politico, A recent Jane Doe lawsuit has been filed against the federal agency over a FOIA request. One of the officials has denied this woman as it is related to an investigation they did a few years ago that involved abuse on a private jet.

Apparently, this woman has been asking the FBI to hand over the documents of this investigation but claims she has been getting turned down over and over again and that is why she has decided to sue them.

Here’s a twist, this woman wants her identity to be hidden at all costs. This woman’s attorney, Amanda Kramer, says that this woman wants her identity to stay under wraps because of the “impact on the privacy of her client’s minor children,”

According to TMZ, all of the information that Jolie has cited in the documents lines up with the incidents that happened back in 2016. The family was flying back from France to the United States and Angelina claims that there was an argument between Brad and their eldest son, Maddox. The matter quickly escalated and Brad ended up hitting him.

Brad denied Angelina’s claims and said that the contact was unintentional. Even then, the case was investigated by Child Services and the authorities when they landed in the United States. The case was then handed over to the FBI over jurisdiction.

Since the whole incident took place on the plane, the FBI did not have much to investigate and eventually they closed the case and declined to file any charges. Yet, after all these years, Jane Doe started digging up everything and trying to get to the bottom of how they reached a similar conclusion in what could be the same matter.

According to Amanda Kramer, this woman wants to “better understand the FBI’s investigation and obtain information necessary for her children to receive medical care and trauma counseling.”

Her attorney also hinted that this woman wants to use these records in other DV advocacy that she might be a part of.

Stay tuned to Thirsty to get more updates on the identity of this woman.

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