Andy Dick is well-known for getting into trouble, and the legal system has always been a part of his life. This time, Andy Dick got himself into problems because of his roommate. Andy Dick was live-streaming when one of his roommates pulled out a gun, prompting a police visit and a welfare check.

Andy Dick was visited by cops after a man he lives with angrily brandished a gun while he was streaming on the internet. Andy has been staying with the Wappy Flanker, a YouTube personality in Las Vegas, and things went wrong over the weekend during their live feed. According to reports, a third man went over to Wappy’s house and a fight ensued.

Wappy then took out a gun and threatened the visitor, telling him to beat it. “Don’t shoot the gun,” Andy said to his host in the video. According to TMZ, officials received a call from someone who was watching the live feed, and officers went to the residence on Saturday to do a welfare check.

According to reports, officers met with Andy and the man who pulled the gun. Andy informed them he was alright and wanted to stay at the house. Officers left without issuing any citations or making any arrests.

A day earlier, the video showed the Wappy Flanker with a revolver on his waistline while Andy hushed off a guy recruiting him to stream an RV trip. What do you think about the live stream? Why did Wappy draw the gun? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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