Many have celebrated Easter Sunday, including celebs and reality stars. The Kardashians might have taken things up by a notch after getting their kids expensive gifts for the day. This made some fans furious as they ripped the family for showing off too much.

On Saturday Kris Jenner hosted a big Easter Day party at the house. As it’s usual with the Kardashians, the event was very luxurious and flamboyant at its core. It included a massive food and dessert spread, as well as an art station for the kids.

On Sunday for the actual holiday, the party continued with more food spreads, an egg hunt, and gifts for the kids. The seat placements at the dining table were designated by giant chocolate eggs with a name on each for Kris’ grandkids. There were also huge gift baskets individually wrapped for each of the little ones.

Next to those presents, were even more extravagant pieces of gifts for the kids. Kim Kardashian shared pictures of the huge pink, purple, and teal gumball machines for the toddlers. They were given bikes as well and that rubbed the fans off in this situation.

Fans took to Reddit disappointed at the Kardashians showing off their wealth. One sarcastically wrote: “Because why teach these kids to share.” Another one said: “It’s so over the top. I’m over these ostentatious displays of wealth.” A third commented: “This is completely obscene.” Others called it “so extra” and “unnecessary,” as it was all about flaunting their “privilege and excess.”

The Kardashians have been slammed numerous times for flaunting their wealth. Fans can’t seem to sit with the fact that they can do anything they please with their riches. The family is however unbothered and focused on giving the kids a memorable Easter Day.

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