Kris Jenner is significantly older than her kids. It’s obvious to freak people out if she looks almost the same as one of her daughters. Kris has left the Kardashian fans on a whim after showcasing an extreme edit to make her look young.

Mama Jenner faced backlash for sharing a photo alongside Khloe on Easter morning. The mother-daughter duo posed in matching chick onesies as they enjoyed the holiday with family. Kris looked as if she aged backward for the day.

The Good American founder wore her blonde hair in braids around her head and pursed her lips for the selfie. Kris gave the camera a soft smile as they both showed off their full glam makeup looks. She captioned the post: “Happy Easter from me and my bunny,” and tagged Khloe.

However, fans were there to point out the obvious photoshopping in the picture. They took a disliking to the fact that they were looking near perfect and all glammed in the snap. A bunch took to Reddit and voice their criticisms.

“Neither of them look like this in real life,” one wrote bluntly. “Yesss my mother and I also look the same age. The ilusivo ambiguous 20 something age group,” a second joked. “Kris’s neck is telling on her,” a third joked. A fourth remarked: “I like that Kris shops herself to look at Khloe’s age. Also, Khloe’s hair…what is that?” “Holy f**k @ the amount of delusion in this photo,” another mentioned.

Last week fans praised Kris for showing her bare face with her natural skin complexion. All that love has gone since then with the Kardashian mom heavily editing her pictures.

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