Rita Ora has consistently shown us her fashionista lifestyle. The singer’s style statement and love for trying new things for fashion have always impressed her fans. Inevitably, she has now scored a $5 deal with fashion giant Prada.

Rita is set to become the latest star to work with the Italian Luxury brand Prada. This has come after years of attending their fashion shows and showing her love for the fashion house online. Rita’s fashion choices and style go on par with the brand and hence the decision.

In recent years, Ora has become a regular to sport their in-house designer products. She wore a crystal-covered Prada outfit at the Met Gala in New York last Autumn. A source told The Sun that they believe that Ora is the right fit for their situation.

“Fashion bosses think Rita is the perfect fit to keep their brand edgy. She’s a global superstar and straddles the worlds of music, film and TV. Rita’s look is iconic.”

The singer has her own clothing line namely, Rora Clothing. She has previously fronted campaigns with cosmetic company Rimmel and sportswear company Adidas. Speaking to Vogue Arabia recently about her sense of style, Rita said she takes on style cues from the industry icons.

‘I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from Cher, Madonna, and Tina Turner. All three of them are the absolute queens of reinvention. Their evolution as artists consistently inspires me to take risks with music, fashion, and performing.’ 

Going back to her roots, she is now spending most of her time in the studio. She is probably leading the production process of her upcoming third full-length album. She confirmed she was working on a third album during a 2019 interview with Marie Claire.

Working with such a luxury design brand is a dream for most people and Rita Ora is living it. The money involved in the deal is also handsome and is enough to lure her into work with them. We look forward to seeing more of her in the Italian brand’s livery.

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