Post Malone is well-known for his introspective songwriting and diverse vocal styles. The artist has amassed a massive fanbase across the globe. Recently, he got emotional during his Coachella Day 2 performance.

Post Malone shared the message of love during the raucous party of Coachella day 2. Malone gave a speech to the crowd at the Coachella Revolve Party, Merv Griffin Estate in the Palm Springs region. The post was moving, emphasizing the need of spreading love to family, friends, and strangers.

He spoke about his hardships, including those in Ukraine, the COVID pandemic, and just getting by in life. He attempted to motivate the crowd by noting that helping someone who is struggling only takes a second.

Then he delivered the crowd what they came to see: an incredible performance of “Congratulations,” with Quavo thrown in for good measure. Malone then leaped into the audience as the show was about to close, dropped his shirt, and everyone went crazy.

Coachella is notorious for bringing people from all over the world together. In other news, Justin Bieber showed off his ripped physique as went shirtless for a surprise performance on night one of Coachella. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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