Megan The Stallion knows how to impress everyone with her curves and moves. She has always made eye-catching appearances on stage while performing. This time Hot Girl Meg has once again taken the fans by storm at Coachella after displaying her voluptuous figure.

Meg performed on the second day of the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday. She made sure to show off much of her head-turning physique while playing several of her hit tracks, reported Daily Mail. The singer was also accompanied by several backup dancers during the annual event which made the performance more enticing.

The WAP singer rocked a revealing silver bodysuit that showed off her sculpted thighs and chiseled arms during her performance. She also showed off a set of nearly transparent fishnet leggings as she performed for her fans. To finish off the look she took a pair of high-heeled shoes that matched the vibrant tone of her outfit during the event.

The fans were in for a treat as she came out more accessorized midway during the show. She put on a metal midsection covering during the latter portion of her set while donning several silver arm coverings following her outfit modification. Megan put on a futuristic wrap-around set of sunglasses to complete the look.

Not only Meg’s outfit and physique were mesmerizing but also her moves made the fans ecstatic. Displaying a range of sensual and wild dance moves she has made sure to woo the crowd. The performance definitely proved Megan’s talent and expertise as an overall entertainer.

Coming out of releasing her hit single, Sweetest Pue with Dua Lipa, this has been a cherry on top of her record sales. She has definitely managed to stand out in the pool of several A-listers that headlined the show. Performances like this will make the fans attend more of the concerts in the future.

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