Teen Moms have time and time again shown bitterness towards the franchise. Earlier, Mackenzie complained about the time MTV was dishonest with her. Now, Mackenzie McKee is celebrating her exit from the show in a truly “free” way.

McKee is moving on after being snubbed from MTV’s Teen Mom. She took to her Instagram with a strong message along with the shocking post. Mackenzie’s post is all about expressing her unapologetic attitude.

The Teen Mom star even tagged Reese Witherspoon for inspiring the thought behind the post. The mom of four captioned her post, “When you realize that people’s opinions about you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. You are set free.” Although the post was risqué, McKee received great feedback.

Mackenzie showed off her tanned and toned body in a nude photograph. The former MTV star posed with her legs curled into her chest and her arm draped over her knee. While the background was pitch black, she leaned back and smiled at the camera.

Mackenzie previously shared that she “felt free” as MTV snubbed the star from joining the cast of the spinoff Family Reunion. She also expressed her FOMO as she hasn’t been asked to film for the next season of Teen Mom. She is currently busy with a tanning salon business in Florida.

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Shifa Jahan

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