Taylor Swift continues to dominate the music industry with no signs of stopping. As a pop star, Swift achieved fame for her publicized relationships and break-up songs. However, she has kept her relationship with English actor Joe Alwyn comparatively private.

Swift has been dating Joe Alwyn for over five years. Joe Alwyn was with Taylor at the height of her career and even as her career continues to explode. They were reported as engaged to be married for a spell as well, but we’ve yet to see a ring on T Swift’s finger just yet.

During a conversation with Elle this week, the British actor explained the reasoning behind keeping details of his love life private. Alwyn and Swift are increasingly concerned about the mainstream culture’s perception of celebrity relationships. This could be stemming from the former tabloid famous relationships Taylor had.

“It’s not really [because I] want to be guarded and private, it’s more a response to something else,” Alwyn told the outlet. “We live in a culture that is so increasingly intrusive … the more you give — and frankly, even if you don’t give it — something will be taken,” he said. Earlier, Taylor herself told PEOPLE that she “is very happy” in their relationship.

Moreover, Swift noted during another interview for Rolling Stone that her relationship with Alwyn allows her to be in love and feel like a regular person in her superstar life. The two rarely bring their romance into the spotlight. In fact, the couple has only made a few public appearances together.

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Shifa Jahan

Shifa Jahan is a freelance writer from Bahrain currently pursuing her Masters degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, India. She is experienced in Copywriting, Academic Writing and loves to write about pop culture/ entertainment-news. Other interests include theatre, teaching, foreign languages and culture.

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