Johnny Knoxville appeared on WWE television back in January and immediately got into a feud with Sami Zayn. It further intensified during the Royal Rumble event and continued after that as well. It seems Knoxville opened about his feelings after about defeating Zayn.

Torturing Sami Zayn, according to Johnny Knoxville, is a gift that keeps on giving. On a recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, Johnny Knoxville reflected on his highly-publicized match with Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 38. The match was full of humor and spectacle, and Knoxville is overjoyed that he was able to make Zayn’s life miserable by defeating him.

That makes me so happy. It makes me so happy that I can help be responsible for the worst day of his life. Nothing makes me happier than that. God, just to have the guys there — Wee Man, [Chris] Pontius, [Jeff] Tremaine, Dark Shark and Jasper, it just made it very special.

Thousands of messages and phone calls were received during the build-up to WrestleMania 38 after Knoxville made Zayn’s phone number public. When asked if he thinks it went too far, Knoxville stated he achieved his purpose and believes he can still annoy Zayn a little more.

Yeah, well luckily, it doesn’t take a lot to get in that head of his, but I think this one worked out really well. I don’t think I went too far, I think there’s still a long distance I can travel down that road, so I was just beginning to have my fun with Sami. It’s the gift that keep on giving. Some people, like Ehren McGhehey, are just so fun to prank. Sami Zayn definitely falls in that Ehren McGhehey category of someone who is fun to prank.

Knoxville didn’t want to say anything nice about Sami Zayn. He doesn’t feel respect for the man, he just feels anger towards him. Knoxville stated that he tried to think of something good to say about Sami but the latter did take a lot of pain in that match that he lost.

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h/t to WrestleZone.

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