Jenna Jameson was misdiagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) following days of hospital treatment. This tragic news was first revealed by her partner. It seems Jenna has recently disclosed that her mysterious sickness is hurting her short-term memory as well as her ability to walk.

In January, the former adult film star was misdiagnosed with the rare autoimmune condition Guillain-Barré syndrome when muscular atrophy in her legs forced her to use a wheelchair, which she still does. The model, who is now based in Hawaii, disclosed on Instagram that she has been undergoing treatment to help enhance her memory as doctors continue to investigate the cause of her long-running ailment. Sadly, they are slow making any pace toward a positive result, but that will not stop her from trying.

I am doing a lot of physical therapy, getting back up on my feet. As you can see, I am in a wheelchair still, but I have a lot of movement. I don’t even use my arms to truck around, I just kind of use my legs, just to keep my legs working. I have an MRI tomorrow to check what’s going on down there. The MRI should give us an insight into if I have nerve compression. Since all of this went down, I have like lapses in my memory. My short-term memory is trash. It’s just trash. My long-term is great, like I remember everything from my childhood. Can I remember only short-term stuff and forget the long-term? Because seriously it would probably be good for me.

Jenna provided the health update to her social media followers in reference to her legs. After taking a break to speak with a therapist who specializes in memory, cognitive difficulties, and related issues, she explained that she now experiences lapses in memory.

Jameson went on to say that medical doctors have told her that her memory may have been harmed as a result of her illness’s stress. Jameson added her own idea, claiming that a lack of sleep could be to blame. Everyone here at Thirsty wishes that she recovers soon.

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