Fabolous is no stranger for grabbing a controversial headline. He has a massive fan following on the internet who support him always. During a recent live interview with Jim Jones, Fabolous was allegedly racially profiled due to a happening.

Two good buddies were just chopping it up on Livestream until they were halted by racial profiling allegations. Jim Jones and Fabolous are frequently seen together, whether poking fun at each other’s gym dripping or sharing jokes on social media.

Jones has taken over with his witty weather forecasts, and he decided to throw in Fabolous with a live interview. At the time, Fab was driving down the side of the road in his car, and someone was paying attention. Jones was sharing the screen with his rap counterpart when he inquired about Fab’s upcoming songs.

“Once the weather start breaking, it feel like it’s a little bit of the Fab time. I’m definitely working on some music right now and trying to get, like, ready for summer. Oh, wow.”

Then a police officer approached and inquired as to why he was sitting in the car. Jones jumped in, asking if those were police officers. Jones assured him that he was only trying to “get you outta harm’s way.”

“I was just pulled over to do this interview on the phone. Yeah, police pulled up on me.”

Jones wasn’t absorbing the discussion when the rappers said their goodbyes and Fab signed out. Jones was perplexed as to how a cop act in such a way. He was confused, because it’s not like Fabolous looked like he was there causing trouble.

“That’s kinda wild, um, he was sitting in a Rolls Royce. How is police hating on that man? This is crazy. Firsthand, we get to see what it feels like to be Black and rich in America. It doesn’t matter if you rich or if you poor, it matter the color.”

On social media, a contentious debate has erupted around this. Let’s see what folks have to say about this. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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