Cuba Gooding Jr. was originally arrested in June 2019 and charged with groping a women’s breast without her consent in a Manhattan nightclub. He pleaded guilty to one of the claims of unwanted sexual touching recently, after two more women came forward with complaints of unwanted sexual touching.

According to The New York Times, the “Jerry Maguire” star appeared in a Manhattan court recently and entered the plea as part of a settlement. He had been accused of grabbing or forcibly kissing more than 20 women. Justice Curtis Farber asked the Oscar-winning actor if the charge he admitted to was genuine during the hearing.

Yes, your honor… I kissed the waitress on her lips. I apologize for ever making anybody feel inappropriately touched.

The misdemeanor charge stems from allegations that he forcibly kissed a lady at New York’s LAVO Nightclub in 2018. The 54-year-old avoids jail time in exchange for continuing his alcohol and behavior counselling, which he began after his arrest in 2019, for another six months without any arrests.

If Gooding Jr. complies with these conditions, he can withdraw his guilty plea and plead to a lesser charge of harassment, according to a Manhattan district attorney’s official. If he doesn’t, his guilty plea will be upheld, and he could spend a year in prison.

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