Courtney Tailor is a well-known Only Fans Star. Tailor is accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in Miami. Courtney recently issued a statement through her lawyer about her “tumultuous relationship” with boyfriend Christian Obumseli, who died earlier this month after being stabbed.

Courtney Tailor is speaking out about her boyfriend Christian Obumseli’s death. According to a statement obtained by E! News from the Miami Dade Police Department, on April 3, Miami police responded to a domestic violence incident involving a stabbing. Officers arrived around 5 p.m. and discovered Obumseli, 27, suffering from “an apparent knife wound,” according to police.

Tailor, whose real name is Courtney Clenney, has now spoken out through her lawyer, Frank Prieto. “Since the events of that tragic night, Courtney has been filled with absolute grief and despair,” read the message, obtained by E! News on April 14. “Courtney is mourning the loss of Mr. Obumseli, in private, out of respect for his family. There is nothing we can say to alleviate the pain his family is going through; however, their calls for justice and an arrest in this matter are misplaced.”

According to Prieto’s statement, “There is no doubt the two of them had a tumultuous relationship; moreover, there is evidence that Courtney was a victim of physical, emotional, and mental abuse at the hands of Obumseli.” He alleged that “that night was no different and Courtney had the right to defend herself out of fear for her life.” Tailor cooperated with investigators, according to her lawyer, and her “actions were clearly self-defense.”

In a previous interview with Rolling Stone, Obumseli’s family attorney Larry Handfield claimed that Obumseli’s death was “unprovoked.”

“To add insult to injury, the person responsible for killing [Obumseli] is walking around free and has not been arrested for causing the death of this young man. She has not shown any remorse for her actions and it is obvious to the family that Ms. Clenney … is receiving special treatment that is not afforded to the rest of us.”

On April 14, Tailor’s lawyer appeared to respond, saying that “justice” in the case does not require arrests or charges. Obumseli’s brother Jeffrey set up a GoFundMe account, which has so far raised about $80,000 for funeral expenses.

“It is absolutely irresponsible for the family’s attorney (who was not present and has not seen the evidence in this case) to allege that the events of that evening were ‘unprovoked’ or to insinuate that she is being afforded special treatment. There is competent and substantial evidence that Courtney is the victim of domestic violence and possibly human trafficking.”

“Christian was extremely compassionate with a desire always to uplift those around him. We will never forget his infectious smile that could light up any room or his caring spirit.” 

According to a statement issued by Miami police on April 8, homicide detectives have been investigating the case. Since then, there has been no update from the department. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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