Atlanta-based rapper, Archie Eversole is best known for his anthem We Ready. We earlier reported that Archie tragically passed away on Wednesday. It seems his mother is putting blame on the police, EMT and hospital for her son’s demise.

Something happened in the hospital days before he died, according to his family. The family of dead Atlanta rapper Archie Eversole denies that his brother was to blame for his death, according to local police officials. The artist’s management supported his mother in denying the police’s charges.

Alexander Krause, Eversole’s brother, has been accused with the murder of the “We Ready” hitmaker. Archie Eversole’s mother, according to Fox 5 Atlanta, does not believe her son was the victim of fratricide and claims the two were not bickering at the time of Eversole’s death.

They had no arguments. They had no feuds. OK, no. And I know that. Yesterday I talked to the neighbor next door. I asked her and I say: Did you hear any arguments? Did you hear any fights? She said no. She didn’t hear nothing. Not that day. Not any other day.

If a finger should be pointed, relatives of the deceased believe it should be pointed at the police, emergency personnel, and doctors who did not do enough to save her son, who died of blood loss nine days after being shot. When news of his death was announced, many supporters and the Atlanta United soccer team expressed their sympathies.

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