Better Call Saul premiered in 2015 as a spinoff of the wildly popular series “Breaking Bad.” Walter White and Jesse will be revisited in the latest offering from AMC. Aaron Paul recently admitted that he didn’t think his Breaking Bad character would be able to make a guest appearance on the spinoff Better Call Saul at first.

The 42-year-old Westworld actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he didn’t originally see how the critically acclaimed series’ creators and writers could make his cameo appearance work. The TV star also expressed his surprise that the traditionally secretive producers would reveal his guest appearance ahead of time, rather than keeping it a surprise for viewers.

To be honest, I’m such a fan of Better Call Saul that I just didn’t initially see how they were going to do it. But of course, leave it to [series creators] Vince [Gilligan] and Peter [Gould] and the rest of the writers to come up with the perfect way. It’s fun. I think people are going to be excited.

The announcement of Aaron and Bryan’s participation on Better Call Saul was disclosed at PaleyFest last week, and star Bob Odenkirk reacted with glee, writing, ‘Kaboom! Let’s do this’ The release of his Netflix feature El Camino, which was a sequel and ending to Breaking Bad and focused on his character, Jesse Pinkman, contrasted with the early notification of his participation in the series’ sixth and final season.

Netflix announced the 2019 film in August of that year, less than two months before it was set to release and after it had already been completed. Aaron also admitted that he was envious of the cast and crew who were able to continue working on the new show after Breaking Bad ended. The show’s final season is scheduled to premiere on April 18.

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