Kim Kardashian is currently one of the trendiest stars in the world. Fans must have noticed that Kim Kardashian has a craze of trying different types of outfits on regular basis. Again Kim Kardashian is back with her new attire showing off her curvy body in a very sheer black catsuit.

Kardashian used Instagram on Friday to advertise her Skims shapewear company by showing off her famed figure in a titillating bodysuit. The 41-year-old reality personality wore a sultry sheer black catsuit that accentuated her famous curves and drew emphasis to her tiny waist. The billionaire also commented regarding her catsuit.

“Have some sexy time or a cute date night.”

“But like for this bodysuit I would just put on like my Balenciaga faux fur jacket, glasses, the boots, and have some sexy time, or a cute date night.”

Kim started the video by posing in front of a mirror inside her large wardrobe, wearing the appealing dress which retailed for $98 without any accessories. The actress then pushed her hair forward to hide her chest, presumably because the garment was exposing a lot.

“This power mesh black bodysuit has got to be one of my favorites. I put boots on with it. But this completely snatches. Like I can’t even begin to tell you.”

‘This is probably my favorite, favorite Skims piece. It’s like a full snatch in a bodysuit.”

“You can totally wear it with a coat over. Cause you definitely don’t want to wear it this sheer,’ she said, throwing on her coat and posing for the camera.”

Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims is trending soo much that shops are still going out of stocks. Kim is giving all her full attention to promoting her brand, hopefully, it will soon reach the top. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Muskan Sharma

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