Michael Jordan had a legendary career in the NBA. He is considered one of the greatest athletes in the history of professional sports. His six championships with the Chicago Bulls set a standard for excellence that may never be seen again. Jordan had a history with Garcelle Beauvais and it seems she opened up about one particular story.

Garcelle Beauvais has been in hundreds of films and television shows throughout the course of her career. She is most recognized for her role as “Fancy” on the legendary series The Jamie Foxx Show. Beauvais had a long and illustrious career in acting, having started out as a model in New York City.

In her memoir, the now-Real Housewives of New York star detailed her life and interactions in the industry. Beauvais also told a story of encountering Michael Jordan all those years ago. Beauvais stated in Love Me As I Am that she was paid to pose with Jordan in a photoshoot and that she was unfamiliar with the Chicago Bulls star prior to arranging the job.

I was impressed by how tall and handsome he was. He took me on a golf date after the shoot and showed me how to hold a club properly and swing. Like a naive little girl, I was ‘clutching my pearls’ and shocked by the idea of going to Hawaii with a man I had just met. I blew that one!

The actress previously revealed that she dated Will Smith prior to his marriage, but that she abandoned the relationship after hearing his then-young son Trey inquire, “Is that miss Jada?” when she called his home. Check out the Instagram post from Garcelle below.

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