Kanye West has been feuding with ex-Kim Kardashian for months. The rapper launched an online crusade against the reality star and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Recently, Kim’s divorcee attorney addressed Kanye’s online harassment.

Kim’s divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, called out Kanye’s harassing Instagram posts as an example of how not to conduct oneself in a profile published by Bustle. The 53-year-old high-profile lawyer mentioned the rapper by name while expounding about how social media has complicated divorce proceedings in recent years.

Wasser described the 44-year-old hitmaker’s confrontational posts as ‘probably not the best way to go about things.’  When asked about criticizing one’s ex on social media, West was the first person who came to Wasser’s mind.

Wasser shared that, ‘There’s no reason that you need to come out publicly and make statements about somebody when you’re going through what should be a pretty private thing. I mean, “Hi, Kanye West,”‘ She added that, West’s posts didn’t do anything to help his cause in court.

‘Forgetting my involvement with that, the whole world has watched [and thought] that’s probably not the best way to go about things, particularly as a parent,’ 

Wasser urged her clients to keep their relationship and disagreements off social media. She said, ‘People use it as evidence [in court],’ before suggesting a hypothetical situation. 

‘”He says he has no money. Look at this picture of him with [dollar] bills…” During COVID, people were posting pictures of them with their kids at events and then the other parent would be like, “We’re supposed to be quarantining.” It’s just a great way to figure out what’s going on,’ 

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