Jack Harlow’s sophomore album supposed single, Come Home The Kids Miss You, has leaked online as the release date approaches. The leak, tentatively named “Have A Turn,” first surfaced on Wednesday and has a lengthy verse by Drake. The Hotline Bling rapper elaborated the issues he faced as a child.

Drake appeared to be only warming up as he proceeded with his abandonment issues lyricism. He pointed out how he had no parental guidance and only witnessed divorce throughout childhood. He wanted to teach his son that forgiveness is a lonely road.

Cold hearts and heated floors, no parental guidance I just see divorce. Therapy sessions, I’m in the waiting room, readin’ Forbes/Abandonment issues I’m gettin’ treated for/How much water can I fit under the bridge before it overflows?/My son’s gotta learn that forgiveness is a lonely road/The cribs on his wheel like motor homes.

N—– love to try and test us like they know what we on/Chubb’s got the magazine cover like Rolling Stone/’Cause we already know how they rock, they throwin’ stones/Whenever you gettin’ bigger, there’s growin’ pains/I got enough pull to make the city start throwin’ games/I’m out here makin’ a mockery/I got my realtor out here playin’ Monopoly/How can I address you when you don’t own property?/They only finesse you when you don’t move properly.

Destined for the win, but you don’t get a prize out of me/I’m destined for the top, but you can’t get a rise out of me/Seven-fifty for the round, canaries, and they glitterin’/Man, you n—– drop trash, you littering/I’m overdelivering to the point, it’s belittling/I mean, the PTSD is triggering, the profit is sickening.

The stones is shimmering, came from the north/But I got hot as f-ck, so ain’t no shivering, yeah/Lucky me, people that don’t f-ck with me/Are linkin’ up with people that don’t f-ck with me to f-ck with me/This shit is getting ugly/And every single situation is transactional/And every thing they sayin’ is irrational/And every way they movin’ is promotional/Everybody’s actin’ irreplaceable, it’s like they ain’t disposable/My urges for revenge are uncontrollable.

People were so taken aback by the 6 God’s contributions that they forgot Jack Harlow was even on the song until Drake started trending on Twitter late Wednesday. However, as Drake’s verse concludes, he reminds everyone that the Kentucky-bred rapper is still very much a part of it. Drake and Jack Harlow were photographed in Turks and Caicos in March, where Drake surprised him with $10,000 in cash.

The 35-year-old artist was on vacation when the young man approached him, according to a film from Akademiks. Drake gave the lucky receiver a massive hug after the generous gift, while people exclaimed, “Oh my god!” in the background. Come Home The Kids Miss You is set to release on May 6 in Harlow. Listen to the leak below until then.

It looks like Drake’s team already went to work and started puling all traces of this track from social media. God bless Drizzy for hiding his feelings behind some attorneys.

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