ASAP Rocky and Rihanna are having a baby together. However, widespread rumors of them breaking up have popped up recently. The internet has taken total advantage of this situation. Now memes of Drake have been seen all over the internet amid this situation.

Social media was set on fire with constant rumors of the couple calling it quits. The stunning claims came with the reasoning that RiRi had allegedly caught Rocky cheating on her with Fenty footwear designer Amina Muaddi. Other claims include the couple being spotted at Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles and Rihanna was seen crying at the table before leaving without Rocky.

The drama was all around the internet and people weren’t late on the fun as they started making memes about the situation. What better person to meme than Drake when it comes to matters of RiRi. People came up with funny captions and images of the rapper and posted them online.

One meme shows Drake typing on a computer and includes the caption, “ASAP Rocky… is cheating… on Rihanna… with… Amina Muaddi, yea, that’ll get the people going.” Another meme shows Drake celebrating in a sea of fans and notes, “Drake after hearing Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are no longer together.”

Most of the memes were intelligent in poking fun at the situation while also mocking Drake. Someone else posted a photo of Steve Carol’s Michael Scott character from The Office running with a suit on. The caption reads, “Drake on his way rn to console Rihanna after ASAP Rocky cheated on her.”

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna came out as a couple in late 2020. Last June, Rihanna covered up a matching tattoo she had with Drake, whom she previously dated. The Rocky and RiRi announced they were expecting a child back in January. We have no confirmation of the situation and will keep you updated.

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