Donald Trump was frustrated when his Attorney General, Bill Barr, refused to go along with his false narrative that the 2020 election was stolen. Trump believes Barr refused to pursue the big lie because he was afraid of impeachment. Barr has stated many times that he did not do so because the allegations were false.

Donald Trump was twice impeached as president. Trump’s role in attempting to coerce Ukrainian president Vlodomyr Zelenskyy to fabricate evidence of Joe Biden’s alleged corruption was the reason for the first. The second stemmed from Trump’s role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol that attempted to overturn the free and fair election that he lost by millions of votes.

The Donald recently told Sean Hannity that he advised Barr to get impeached on purpose. Trump noted that after his impeachment, his popularity soared. Fortunately, Barr is not an egomaniac like the former president and stood firm in his convictions.

“I said: ‘Look, get impeached. I went up a lot in the polls when I got impeached. You have to get impeached, maybe.’ But he was so afraid of being impeached that he refused to do his job”

The twice-impeached former president left office with the lowest poll ratings on record. Donald Trump tried to get his AG to support a lie with another lie. Bill Barr resigned from his position rather than advance the fake narrative of a stolen election. Donald Trump, nearly a year later, continues to drone on about it as his relevancy further fades.

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