Cash Out, a well-known rapper, has a long history of defying the law. If fans recall, he was arrested on criminal charges a few years ago. Recently, Rapper Cash Out has allegedly faced a 41-count indictment for rape, sex trafficking, and racketeering charges.

Authorities have long warned about the sex-and human-trafficking plague raging in Atlanta. The rapper has been charged with a number of offenses.

According to WSB-TV, news of rapper Cash Out, real name Michael Hakeem Gibson, being arrested on charges of running a “criminal enterprise” has spread like wildfire. Gibson was listed as the boss of an organization accused of enticing women into prostitution in a 41-count indictment.

Gibson is one of six people mentioned in the lengthy indictment, and he faced counts of sex trafficking, racketeering, rape, trafficking a person for sexual service, and aggravated sodomy. Gibson allegedly utilized his connections as a rapper to seduce his victims, according to prosecutors. Some women were allegedly held against their will, while another was allegedly beaten.

Earnell Winfrey, a deputy district attorney in Fulton County, spoke about the women’s rescue. The ladies, he claimed, were in a vulnerable state. Willis wants people to know that “a lot of people” are “recruiting young women through social media,” and that this includes well-known rappers.

“We’ve rescued two so far. Some of these women are our most vulnerable women and he lured them in, let them believe that he cared about them and that he would take care of them, only to flip the script and then began to pimp them out. He’s accused … of whipping a young lady who’s a sex worker, and this was one of the girls that he had recruited.”

“The most troubling aspect of this case is that women have been victimized and brutalized within our community by people who had a chance to do something else with their lives. He’s a very talented musical performer. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay in that business, and he branched off to the business that finds him under indictment.”

The rapper previously pleaded not guilty, but the new indictment contains several fresh allegations. The world is full of harsh people, it is important to remain vigilant in order to defend oneself. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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