AEW fans reacted with a great deal of negativity to the debut of Santam Singh to close out last night’s episode of Dynamite. Most of the fans in the building didn’t know who he was. It put a damper on what was a phenomenal and brutal bout that saw Samoa Joe capture the ROH TV title from Minoru Suzuki. There was a method to the madness.

The merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia pushed Tony Khan to do something for the Indian television market. Khan wanted to be proactive as Discovery owns AEW’s television partner in the region. Sanjay Dutt also speaks the language, so it was natural to put the two together.

“It’s basically the same thing WWE did with Jinder Mahal. They’re trying to do something for India. AEW has a television deal with Eurosport India, which is owned by Discovery. So, now that Discovery is merged with Time Warner and they’re putting their people in charge, AEW decided to run, or Tony Khan decided to run an angle to build up the India market.

So, that was the whole deal there. To put Singh and Jay Lethal and Sanjay Dutt together as a group and I guess… Really promote Dutt who can speak the language and Singh who can speak the language and really get into promoting the brand in India. So, that was the reason for the end of the show.

It was very interesting, because essentially, his debut was so similar, over the years, to so many giants that WWE has used from The Great Khali and Giant Gonzalez, and you can go right down the list almost. It’s the same basic push that they all get.”

The AEW commentary team was adamant about putting over the fact that Singh was once a professional basketball player. Fans may remember that the infamous Giant Gonzalez was also a professional basketball player. Everybody knows how that went. Time will tell whether the debut sparks additional interest in the Indian market.

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Transcription by Thirsty for News

Michael Perry

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