Kanye West has calmed down a bit from the frenzy he was throwing a month ago amid his divorce. The rapper has since then looked for professional help and wanted to recollect his thoughts. This, however, hasn’t stopped people from accusing Ye of certain things. The newest is Smokepurpp claiming that Kanye owes him $9 million.

Ye is one of the richest rappers of this generation. It has been stated that the Chicago-born musician has a reported net worth of over $2 billion. $9 million being such a petty amount against his net worth, Smokepurpp has accused him of not paying up said amount after collaboration.

“And Kanye, n-gga, you owe me like $9 million, n-gga. Hit me line, n-gga, or my lawyer’s gonna hit your lawyer”

Smokepurrp didn’t say exactly the root of the issue. However, it is evident from a recent video of his, that it’s related to a music piece. More precisely it probably stems from his writing credit on Kanye and Lil Pump’s “I Love It” hit record.

The “Audi” rapper explained on No Jumper in 2019 that he actually penned “I Love It” with Lil Pump on his 18th birthday. Smokepurrp is one of seven credited writers on “I Love It” The viral hit is double-platinum and peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

With Purrp having much of his hand at writing the song, it is obvious to feel this way on not being given the credits in cash. Smokepurpp has even more history with Kanye West.  Previously, he was forced to remove a Yeezy verse from “No Problem” because Kanye didn’t approve of himself cursing on the explicit track.

Since Purrp has threatened Ye to take legal action if his money is not paid, we’ll have to find out how this plays out. As we know Ye has a habit of stretching things out a bit, this is going to be a hard-earned $9 million for Purrp.

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