Vice’s ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ gave fans an unprecedented inside look at the less savory aspects of professional wrestling. Many of the episodes told stories that casual fans would have never otherwise heard. Some, like the Plane Ride From Hell episode, threatened to ruin careers.

Jim Ross was heavily featured in the controversial documentary series. Ross said he appreciates the effort that goes into producing the shows. He also doesn’t plan to give any more interviews for ‘Dark Side.’

Ross spoke about his participation in the series on the latest episode of Grilling JR. The legendary broadcaster said he didn’t like the way he was portrayed in the series. Editing tricks made him feel like he was misrepresented.

“It’s mixed. I have some problems with some Dark Side editing. I thought I was misrepresented a time or two in the edit. But I mean, I admire those guys’ entrepreneurial spirit and I think it’s a good purpose, but I think sometimes they bite into the apple of the dirt. They narrowcast a little bit too much for me, but I’m still going to watch their shows.

I’m not sure I’ll be on any more of them simply because I had such unfortunate negative afterthoughts of it, but you know, you never know. Those guys are good guys and they mean well, but I think the edit was a little bit callous and not well thought out quite frankly. So I hope they continue to do those shows, and if they do, I’ll continue to watch and we’ll see. They should get better at what they do.”

There has not been any recent news about new episodes of Dark Side of the Ring. It has been rumored that the show will not get another season. If it does, fans shouldn’t count on Good Ole’ JR participating.

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Michael Perry

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