Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti had been dating for a while. The two also share a son named Onyx. Azalea even shared a photo of her son last month. Despite this, both of them are no stranger to controversy. Carti recently announced his relationship status in an interview and it seems Azalea erupted about the sheer amount of nonsense he spoke.

Playboi Carti discussed his hip-hop career thus far in an interview with XXL magazine. He also described his admirers as being cult-like. Carti remarked that he “doesn’t give a damn” what others think of him. Carti was asked about his plans for the future, and he mentioned his kid Onyx.

Carti also said that he and Iggy Azalea have ended their relationship. Playboi Carti claimed that despite being single, he will always support Iggy Azalea and his son and for him, that is what truly matters right now. Azalea took to Twitter to post a series to call out Carti.

“And I’m sure after this, I will be. [heart emoji] [smile emoji] Everyone wins! Yayyyyy”

“his team has been calling about the interview, hoping for my silence because they know what my reaction would be. I do appreciate being called a great mom but when that’s not reflective of what he has to say in real life I’d much rather be left out of being mentioned at all.”

“youve been mislead. I don’t f*ck with a man I’m not even remotely on good terms with claiming he pays my bills. I pay my bills. Secondly saying nice things for an interview sounds great but in real life he talks to me like sh*t so badly I had to stop all direct contact.”

“let me log off. I’m a peaceful person I promise.”

Azalea revealed that Carti only pretends to care in front of the public but in reality, he treats her miserably. She further revealed that Carti doesn’t pay her bills and invalidated everything he said in the interview. Check out the series of tweets below.

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