Fat Joe is an industry OG when it comes to the rap scene. He has produced a number of big names in the genre after creating Terror Squad. Now he says he’ll probably never quit rapping.

While talking to Complex News, Joe explained why he would never retire from rap. The Terror Squad rapper began hinting at his retirement years ago. He wanted to throw in the towel following the release of his 2019 studio album, Family Ties. However, it seems like he has changed his mind.

“I don’t really wanna stop. I’m stoppin’ because I’m trying to be a regular guy and raise my daughter. I think I’m dead nice right now if you ask me. I think I’m extremely nice.”

Joe said he was “100 percent” settled on retiring from rap. He ultimately chose to continue after receiving some encouraging words from his good friend Eminem. According to the Terror Squad rapper, he doesn’t feel like stopping now and wants to go on.

The rapper has been asked the same questions on different occasions but his answers have always been the same. The 51-year-old rapper addressed the question during a recent appearance on the video podcast Maino Presents Kitchen Talk. Toward the end of the sit-down, the host plainly asked Joe if he’ll one day stop rapping.

“I don’t think so. I mean, I’m really good at this shit, man. And I’m on time. I know when rappers gotta give it up. A lot of legends that we looked up to was the illest in the world, [but] when they got older, they wasn’t on point with the flow, they weren’t on point with everything. They sounded dated […] Fat Joe knows everything going on. I’m pushin’ P right now.”

Joe’s passion for music and love for hip-hop stops him from quitting the game. He strongly mentions that money and checks have nothing to do with him still going on. Elsewhere in the interview, Joe is asked about his impact on the culture and whether he feels he gets the credit he deserves.

It’s great to hear that Fat Joe is reconsidering leaving rap for the better. Artists like him and the ones signed to Terror Squad have contributed a lot to the Hip-Hop scene in the US. Joe staying in the game means we will be getting more content from him.

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