Britney Spears made headline this week after revealing her pregnancy news. She is starting fresh life with Sam Asghari. She now divulges her plans for her future in music.

Britney Spears took to her Instagram to share some thoughts ahead of her next journey in motherhood and career. In a four-page message Britney started the conversation by discussing how much of a makeup junky she is, confessing to receiving a ton of products from companies. She then went on to reflect on her past dealings of “waiting and waiting in those dressing rooms with my dad” as a performer getting her makeup done.

Brit continued by sharing how those people, including her father Jamie Spears and others in the industry, “ruined the thrill of the business” for her and announced she’d favor “a 10 year break” from it all.

“I’ve never been a makeup junky I will confess… getting tons of lipsticks from different companies… well I never got a thrill out of that!!! But I will be honest and say … that has changed !!! I never thought I would say this but I am a makeup junkie !!! From 1-10… I’m probably a 5 makeup junkie !!! Being a stay-at-home mom not having people do my hair and makeup … waiting and waiting in those dressing rooms with my dad and the weirdest woman ever in every fucking dressing room I was in for 14 years… I look back now and I’m like “how did I do that ???” Honestly just the thought of being in the same building as them let alone the same room makes the hair on my arms stand up !!! They’ve ruined the thrill of the business for me 100000% 100 !!! Let’s make it a 10 year break with a baby on the way.”

Further in her message, Brit reflected on motherhood, considering her current journey path toward being a mom once again with her fiancé Sam Asghari. She then decried the media for always judging her for “doing the wrong thing” during her first life as a mom. She continued by talking about always helping her mother, Lynn Spears, growing up, and then shared an anecdote of how she helped Jayden as a child when he had an extremely high fever.

“He was 9 and I picked him up like a baby and brought him all the way upstairs to my room and put his little body in the tub lukewarm … not too cold .. not too hot. He was still hot so I got a cold compress and put on his head and gave him a fever reducer,” she stated, then revealing how her at-home remedy helped her baby wake up the next morning “like nothing happened.”

The Me Against the Music singer ended her writing on a lighter note, talking about how much, perhaps by taking a break from music and performing, she can focus on “books … makeup … classic movies … great conversation … and the best sex ever!” She also continued her sentiments by admitting that “sex is great when you’re pregnant,” celebrating her current status as a to-be mommy while still enjoying her man!

Brit finished her message by shouting-out fellow pop star Ariana Grande for sending her an unbelievable packaging with her new makeup line and added how awesome the products feel like “silk.” Read all that Britney has to say below and keep reading more on Thirsty.

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