Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are a popular couple who have gotten a lot of attention for their love for each other. People are anticipating their upcoming wedding as they have planned a secret wedding. The couple went out for coffee recently, and when they were reversing their car, Ben Affleck ran over a Starbucks sign, and photogs come to the rescue.

Ben Affleck may be a Leo, but on Tuesday, his sign was Starbucks, which kept him and his girlfriend from getting their daily dosage. Ben and Jen were traveling to Starbucks in West L.A. on Wednesday when a sign became lodged in his back rim as he navigated a hard turn.

As the actor maneuvered around the curb, a couple of paparazzi jumped into action, taking the sign out from beneath the car. Ben actually asked the paparazzi to assist him in getting around the area so he could get to the drive-thru. They presumably didn’t want to hear what was going on inside if they went through the drive-thru instead of walking in.

“J Lo, grande skinny Frappuccino!!!”

Ben was smoking a cigarette inside the car, with J Lo by his side. That’s fairly gnarly, so she must be in love with him. The couple is back on the house hunt. They looked at two mansions in Holmby Hills Tuesday, one for $65 million and the other for $75 million. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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