Young Buck and 50 Cent’s feud has been going on for a long time and has generated a lot of controversy. Recently, Young Buck claimed that 50 Cent has continued to block him from dropping new music.

Buck opened up about his infamous feud with 50 Cent on the “It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper” podcast. He ripped his old G-Unit running pal for ongoing legal and recording issues between them.

Young Buck believes the ‘G’ in G-Unit might as well stand for greed as he claims 50 Cent fired off a cease and desist letter to stop him from making any music. However, the controversial move from 50 forced Buck to find a loophole.

Buck revealed that he filed for bankruptcy to discharge all his debts, including the money 50 claims he still owes. Buck even went on to claim that  50 Cent even prevented him from working on his last album, which would have allowed Buck to wipe his hands clean of the contract.

Buck claimed that, without the bankruptcy filing, he’d still be sidelined. After all this drama as far as ironing out things goes, he said doesn’t want to have to sue 50, and end up in a lengthy court battle, but instead he’s prefer they squash it all with a one-on-one conversation. You can listen to him talk about his feud at length below.

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