Monday was a scheduled day off for staffers at social media giant Twitter. The company gives its employees one day a month as a “day of rest.” Many of them were too stressed out to enjoy the most recent one.

The cause of the tension has been Elon Musk, according to Fortune. Musk decided to buy a controlling stake in Twitter after he began to believe that the company was practicing censorship. Musk was briefly named as the next member of Twitter’s board of directors, but the company backed off after Elon continuously criticized the company after the announcement.

Workers at Twitter were met with chaos. Musk’s 80 million followers were being exposed to tweet after tweet dragging the company and expressing his desire for radical changes. It was clear that despite owning a huge chunk of it and almost being on the board, Elon Musk didn’t have the best interests of Twitter in mind.

Since Elon was denied his seat on the board, he now has no restrictions on how much stock he can buy. Coupled with the constant bashing of the company, employees are worried that Elon might become hostile with his stake.

Fans of Elon Musk have, as usual, jumped on the anti-Twitter bandwagon. The entire company is now at risk of a hostile takeover as Musk continues to rally his troops. Many think Elon will continue to bully his way into rebuilding Twitter in his vision.

It is a very tense time at the Twitter offices as employees wait for Elon Musk’s next move. The billionaire owner of Tesla could snap his fingers and make everything change. It will be interesting to see how this dangerous game of corporate chess unfolds.

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