The Game has returned out of retirement with a chip on his shoulder, despite previous promises that he would be hanging up the microphone after Born 2 Rap. He’s been teasing his upcoming album for a while now, and G Herbo claims it’ll be album of the year material. It seems he addressed Eminem while taking a jab at 50 Cent recently.

During his appearance on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast last month, The Game threw down the gauntlet and challenged Eminem to a Verzuz duel. Even better, the Compton native boasted that he is a better rapper than the self-proclaimed rap god.

While his remarks may have come across as absurd to some, the Black Wall Street rapper claims that he chose Eminem as his target because his more obvious adversary, longstanding rival 50 Cent, can’t rap. On UPROXX’s new series Fresh Pairs, hosted by Just Blaze and Katty Customs, he explained.

You want to know why [I challenged Eminem to a Verzuz battle]? Because 50 can’t rap! And so I gotta go a level up and challenge the better rapper.

It’s no 2005, 2006 animosity toward 50. I watch Power, I watch the Tommy one, I watch the one with Isaac Wright on primetime television. I watch 50’s shows, I’m a fan of those shows. BMF is great! But I’m a rapper, he’s a rapper and I am the better rapper. I’m not the better TV producer — I’m giving him his dead flowers while he can still smell them. But when it comes to rap, he can’t out-rap me. Your buddy can rap, though!

Despite denigrating 50’s vocal abilities, The Game credited his old G-Unit boss for his success in the television industry — but stated the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper posed no threat to him in a rap fight. Turning his attention to Eminem, for whom he’s reportedly working on a diss track, The Game stated that he doesn’t believe the Detroit rap legend is all-powerful and simply wants to see him enter the arena, like he has with prior rivals.

When I said what I said about Em, it was to challenge him, to challenge Hip Hop, to ignite a rap riot — not a street fight or ‘let’s pull out the straps. But ‘N—-, get up and rap! Let’s rap!’ [Because of] Em’s career and all the records he’s sold … they got Eminem put up here where he’s, like, this rap god, but when dissected by myself, I don’t feel like he’s a better rapper than me … I just feel like a rap god where? At one point, I did [think Eminem was the best rapper] because I was signed to Aftermath and I’m loyal, and Interscope had me thinking that he was better than everybody else. At one point in my career, I was thinking that Em was better than Jay just based off of ‘Renegade’ because The Source magazine said that Eminem got Jay on that verse … until I became a vet and a legend in this game. And so now, this Game today and Em today … I’m better today. And if I’m not, get up and let’s rap! I ain’t come here to fight. Let’s rap. You did it with MGK; why not do it with me? You did it with Mariah Carey, you did it with Nick Cannon.

The Game’s latest jabs at 50 Cent come after a reignited dispute between the two longstanding foes, fueled by The Game’s recent allegation that Kanye West done more for his career in two weeks than Dr. Dre did in his whole career. The Game admonished the Queens, New York native after 50’s puzzled reaction to his statement. Check out the videos below.

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