Jade Cline has been through a few cosmetic adjustments. That list includes a recent plastic surgery on her face and a previous butt lift. This time she has gone ahead and amplified her breasts with a boob job.

The Teen Mom star took to Instagram on Monday and shared a steaming hot video of herself in a bikini to those stories. Jade tied her blond hair back into a simple ponytail, wore glasses, and appeared to go makeup-free in the video. She showed off her ample cleavage in a tiny violet string bikini.

Last year, the reality star had fat transferred to her breasts as a procedure. She also did a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction in a plastic surgery makeover. She got the butt lift back in January 2021 and continuously shared her journey on social media and on Teen Mom 2.

The procedures might make her loo however she wanted it to but also had their downsides. During a previous episode of the MTV show, Jade dealt with long hours of suffering after the procedure. Viewers saw her get wheeled out of the hospital while wearing a compression bodysuit to help ease the pain of the procedure.

“The pain in my a** and legs and back is f**king excruciating. I can’t even sleep. I can’t get comfortable. It’s even worse than I thought.”

Getting plastic surgeries seems like a regular thing to Jade now. She has spent countless amounts of money and time on those procedures to make her look the way she. With Kloie just 4 years of age, we can only wonder what values are being transmitted to the toddler.

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