The beef between Pusha T and Drake generated a lot of controversy. It was a moment in hip-hop that made for great diss tracks, however the beef between Pusha T and Drake is long over. Recently, Pusha T shared some details about his beef with Drake.

Back in February, Pusha shared that he wasn’t worried about any tension with Drizzy and that their tumultuous time in Hip Hop had ended. During his interview with Desus & Mero, he explained what led him to reach an understanding with his former foe.

Pusha revealed that fatherhood had an influence in his thought process about the situation. He shared during his interview, “I don’t like the energy of mentioning my son in that type of energy — or any kid in that type of energy,” 

Pusha further explained, “It’s not my thing right now. I got my son, and with me, I’m just not going to play about anything involving him. Like, I don’t play nothing. So, it’s like, ‘You know what? I’ll just [leave it alone].’” He went on to say, that he’s a “very selfish” person in all other aspects of life except for his son. 

Meanwhile, fans are anticipating the release of the rapper’s forthcoming project,It’s Almost Dry, which is slated to drop soon. You can revisit Pusha T’s diss track on Drake as well his interview below.

You can say what you will about this beef, but we might not have ever found out about little Adonis without it.

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