Nicki Minaj faced numerous hurdles as a female rapper in the Hip-Hop world, but she never gave up and has now become the megastar that she is. Minaj loves working with up and coming stars as well, as she thinks about the future. She recently shared a precious gift she received from Brown.

Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown are having a get-together to commemorate their friendship. The Pink Print hitmaker shared earlier this week that a longtime friend had brought her an exceptionally sweet gift as a dedication to their young children. Minaj captioned a clip uploaded to her feed showing off the beautiful portrait that Brown had sent to her.

Imagine meeting the person who influenced you the most in the whole entire world to do what you love. Imagine them sending you a painting of their daughter and your first son together in one picture.

Brown’s daughter, C’Yani, is seated with Minaj’s tiny boy, Papa Bear, in the gorgeous painting commissioned from @artofkidane. Text inscribed on a record behind the two children reads, “Our Greatest Hits.” The “We Go Up” artist also offered a touching story about her and the 43-year-particular old’s friendship in the caption.

Minaj went on to add that she changed her name out of respect for Brown. In other news, the 39-year-old recently spoke up about her anxiousness and her desire to be more confident early in her career. Check out the post below.

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