Louis C.K., the notorious comedian, received a Grammy just over a week ago. Before the Grammys, he may have been described as disgraced. C.K. was dropped by his agency, publicist, and manager in 2017 after five women accused him of sexual misconduct.

Netflix, HBO, and FX, where he had a lucrative overall deal and served as executive producer on four projects, have all cut relations with the comedian. C.K. had been accused by the women of exposing himself and masturbating in front of them, which he admitted and apologized for.

These stories are true. When you have power over another person, asking them to look at your d-ck isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.

C.K. discreetly resurfaced in 2018 with new standup material at comedy clubs after his mainstream career was wrecked. C.K. continued to make his own work despite the fact that he was no longer being recruited by major Hollywood networks and studios. Last year, he embarked on a sold-out 24-city comedy tour across the United States.

In 2020, he produced a program called “Sincerely, Louis C.K.” on his own website for $7.99, in which he mocked and downplayed his own sexual misconduct. Last week, the special earned him a Grammy nomination for best comedy album, his third in the category and fourth overall.

Julia Wolov, one of the five women who accused C.K. five years ago, told the New York Times in their 2017 exposé that she fled in shock when C.K. suddenly masturbated in front of her at a 2002 comedy festival.

There has been zero change in the way comedy is run. There are no rules.

C.K.’s Grammy win, according to Wolov in a new interview with Variety, indicates that the #MeToo movement hasn’t done much more than make headlines in Hollywood. Reflecting on the last few years, Wolov believes great words have been shouted, but not much action has been taken, now illustrated by C.K.’s Grammy triumph.

Nobody cares. That’s the message this sends. It really does. That’s the truth.

Wolov, a comedy writer and performer who co-founded the Chicago comedy team Dana and Julia with Dana Min Goodman, her longstanding professional partner and friend of nearly 30 years, rarely speaks about the incident. In fact, she now wishes she hadn’t come forward in 2017. She spoke out to help others at the time, fearful that C.K. had harassed or abused other women.

You sort of take that on, knowing that you might be able to help somebody else. That’s part of what makes you come forward, but it’s not fun. We took one for the team. Even talking to you right now, I know this will not work in my favor, but so many people are asking and it’s hard when he’s in the constant news cycle.

Wolov cannot show that speaking publicly about C.K. has resulted in professional ramifications, but she claims it hasn’t helped. Even though individuals privately thank her for speaking out, she believes she has been labelled a “troublemaker” in the comedy industry.

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