Kevin Durant is one of the best scorers in NBA history, and he might very well be a top ten player of all time when everything is said and done. Durant is currently with the Brooklyn Nets, despite having spent the first half of his NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors. It seems KD held grudges towards James Harden for being out of shape.

The Brooklyn Nets appeared to have their fair share of issues at the start of this season. Due of his immunization status, Kyrie Irving was unable to participate in any games, while James Harden struggled. Kevin Durant was practically expected to carry the entire team’s weight, and when KD was injured in the midst of the season, things began to fall apart until Harden was dealt for Ben Simmons.

KD reportedly had grudges towards Harden, according to a new ESPN article. Durant was dissatisfied with Harden, who arrived at training camp out of shape. When Harden was in Houston, Durant made an exception because he was visibly dissatisfied. Durant, on the other hand, expected Harden to put up some effort once he came in Brooklyn. That was not the case, as it turned out.

Sources say that much of the discontent between Harden and the Nets started in September when he arrived into training camp out of shape. Durant had been understanding of Harden’s predicament in Houston as a man in need of new scenery with the Nets, but also tacitly expected his former teammate to commit himself to conditioning and self-care when he came seeking a title in Brooklyn, according to a source close to both stars. With Irving’s status already in flux due to his unwillingness to get vaccinated, Durant was astonished in the opening weeks of the season at Harden’s lack of explosiveness and sluggish play, something he attributed in large part to Harden’s being out of shape, as he did the ensuing hamstring issues.

The Nets are unquestionably better off without Harden, and they have a chance to make a major splash in the playoffs. If they beat the Sixers, KD and the rest of the team will have been vindicated for their approach to the season.

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