Camila started fresh with a new outlook on her life last year after parting ways with Shawn Mendes. Both individuals were very respectful of each other and broke up mutually. Now Camilla has revealed that she has no intentions of kissing anybody after her breakup.

The Havanna singer took over The Vogue Beauty Secrets video on Monday. She showed her daily skincare and makeup routine in the video. The singer joked about her newfound love for lip products after the breakup with Shawn Mendes.

“Now that I’m single, I wear a lot more lipstick … and gloss, because I don’t like the feeling of kissing someone with gloss on. It’s like, a lot. So now that I’m not kissing anybody … it’s gloss time baby!”

Camila told us, viewers, how she gets her lips done and the products she uses to make them look good. To create her new perfect pout, she uses L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Lip + Cheek Tint topped with Patrick Ta Major Glow Lip Shine. With a combined price of around $36, this relatively cheap but effective combo gets her lips done.

In the video, Cabello also talked about overcoming her struggles with acne and egg-white facials. She also reveals the resurrection of her love for experimenting with fashion. Sticking to the idea of “taking care of yourself”, she has done everything that makes her feel good about herself.

The “Cinderella” actress has been embracing her new single life. She is living a great life that puts her happiness at the forefront. She has also been vocal about body image and insecurity issues that many people would relate to.

Camila’s take on life after the breakup has rejuvenated her mind to the next level. The coping mechanisms which are healthy and highly sustainable made her life much easier. We might have to take a note or two on reinventing ourselves from the former Fifth Harmony member.

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