The Game has plenty of fans anticipating Drillmatic, but he’s calling big cap on lyrics that came out for The Black Slim Shady. That song apparently had some harsh lyrics, but The Game wanted to shut down a “leak.”

Genius rap posted some lyrics for The Black Slim Shady. Those lyrics have since been removed and a placeholder is in its place reading “Lyrics for this song have yet to be released. Please check back once the song has been released” is there instead.

Wack 100 said on one of his Clubhouse sessions that this single is around the corner and Eminem is supposedly taking fire. You can check out a shot of the alleged lyrics below that includes a line about Eminem taking a knee and sucking d*ck. Thankfully, those lyrics that leaked are not legit as The Game launched himself onto Instagram live and called Genius out for some fake news.

“Why I hopped on live for? Oh yeah. I hopped on live to hola at Rap Genius, them ni**as put some lyrics up, talking about it was my lyrics of f*cking ‘Black Slim Shady.’ It ain’t my lyrics, I did not write that garbage sh*t. Better know, when Game comes, that sh*t will be official.”

There are a couple supposed leaks out for Drillmatic, and it’s only driving up interest. This is how you play the game, and The Game realizes that. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting patiently for that Eminem diss track to drop, because god knows it’s been too long since we saw a good Eminem beef light up the internet.

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