Eminem is one of the most legendary rappers in the hip-hop world. Being such a huge name, Eminem has lots of fans all over the world, for better or worse. A woman recently got assaulted due to a false assumption of messaging Eminem as well.

His albums continue to break records even now. His skills as a businessman know no bounds either, as Eminem is simply a huge brand by doing basically nothing now.

A bully attacked his girlfriend after he accused her of messaging Eminem. Karl Robson strangled and kicked his partner, becoming “more menacing” and accused her of being in contact with the legendary rapper.

According to The Mirror, Robson was “going mental” during the attack. He even dragged her around the kitchen, tried to strangle her so that she couldn’t breathe and tried to bite her.

According to a report by Hull Live, he admitted to assaulting the woman, causing actual bodily harm. Benjamin Donnell, prosecuting stated that Robson returned at 1am after a party together. He was annoyed due to a misunderstanding at the party.

His mood was “very up and down” and he seemed to be having an “emotional meltdown. He even smashed his phone and tried to smash hers as well.

“He snatched the phone from her hand with force and threw it onto the floor.

The defendant’s mood became more menacing,” said Mr Donnell. Robson accused her of messaging a person called Slim Shady, which “confused her because he is a well-known rapper” and she did not know what he was talking about.

After all the abuse, the woman suffered a black eye and bruises, She later said in a statement that she has been left on edge, being scared for her safety.

 “I feel scared being in my own home and I jump at every noise heard. My mother is always worried about me and my health. I feel very frustrated about what happened.”

Robson had convictions for 25 previous offences between 2000 and last year, including assault, assaulting a policewoman, criminal damage, drink-driving and racially aggravated threatening behaviour. We hope such an incident never happens again as the person clearly needs help.

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