When It Comes To Doing Questionable Things, Farrah Abrahams is a forerunner. Her actions online have always created a rift between her and her fans. This time she has bragged about herself getting an offer to sell her poop for $5k.

Abraham was on Howie Mandel’s podcast, Howie Mandel Does Stuff recently. Farrah claimed that while she never intended to actually sell her poop but had plenty of willing buyers, reported The Sun. “I had people offering me $5,000 for stinky poop that comes out of me,” she said.

Howie then questioned whether it really was a joke. He even reminded her that she went on to sell her “poop slime” on her and Sophia’s websites. She played off the question by saying that it was just plain comedy.

Farrah took the conversation even further when she claimed that people even wanted to bathe in her poop slime. Howie was shocked and exclaimed if it was real or not. Farrah confirmed: “That’s not real. It really blew up. I’ve never gotten the chance to do that.”

Farrah previously shared a bizarre video in the toilet in which she pretended to poop in a jar. The reality star demonstrated how she would “cork” the top of the small jar and “wrap it all up” with saran wrap. She would then send out the jar “with a special message” on it and add the follower’s name.

The TV personality was charging $100 per jar and was “selling her soul” with the “depraved” act. Now it’s high time people need to realize what they’re wasting their money on. Whether she sells them or not it’s always a win-win for Farrah.

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