T.I. is no stranger to controversy. Just last year a judge dismissed sexual assault charges against the rapper and his wife, Tiny. He recently got into an heated argument with a Atlanta comedian who joked on the topic. It seems their beef is now over.

Lauren Knight, the comedian who had a tense interaction with T.I., claims she’s made peace with him. However he hasn’t paid her the million dollars. Lauren made a joke about T.I. during an Atlanta open mic when he started heckling her from the audience.

T.I then took the microphone and challenged her after she seemed to make a reference to the sexual assault charges levelled against him and his wife, which they vehemently deny. While Lauren believes T.I. overreacted and her joke didn’t go far enough, she claims the two have worked things out and put their differences to rest.

T.I. took a while to let things go, as he responded to Lauren’s description of what happened on Instagram Live last week, saying he would pay Lauren $1 million if she could show a video of him calling her a “b-tch.” Lauren created the video and shared it on Instagram, but T.I. has yet to pay.


Lauren is hoping that the truce would put an end to the death threats that have been directed at her online because of the money issue. Lauren also believes T.I. needs to brush up on his comic etiquette, but she also explains why he has a bright future as a comedian if he wants to pursue it.

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