Farrah Abraham is often called a bad mom. Many things that Farrah has done in the past send off bad mom vibes but Farrah still insists she is not. Recently, Farrah got her 13 year old daughter Sophia dental jewelry.

Fans have time and time again expressed their concern for Sophia. Farrah’s own mom believes Sophie could benefit from better parenting. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, dental jewelry is not the most popular choice for children.

Farrah Abraham is facing backlash from fans for allowing her daughter, Sophia, to fit gems on her teeth. The 13-year-old shared a photo and video of her new smile on social media. It appears that Sophia received the sparkly gem smile as a new gift from Farrah for getting her braces off.

Sophia showcased multi-colored gems along a cluster of her bottom and top teeth. She captioned the video: “Got braces off!! Just got teeth gems. So cute!” She also added Stories showing off her dental work. Her posts were flooded with comments from concerned fans.

“All that money spent on braces just to damage teeth again. Geez” a fan commented on Instagram. “This is going to be a little girl that is going to have a lot of issues when she grows up.” another added. ” Mija, don’t. Why you gotta go and do this for?” another questioned.

Teen Mom fans have slammed Farrah’s parenting in the past as critics accused the star of letting her daughter grow up too fast. Social media users were horrified when Sophia shared a clip of her getting her septum pierced in honor of her 13th birthday.

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Shifa Jahan

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